The longest Needlework Stitches Sampler Band from ...

A group work

An Needlework Stitches Sampler Band is created … the longest of Medebach, the Hochsauerlandkreis, in NRW, in Germany, in Europe and ?…. What we would like to create with you is a band of as many different needlework stitches as possible. Maybe we’ll create the longest Needlework Stitches Sampler Band in the world…definitely the most unusual! As base fabrics we use various textile bases such as tightly woven fabrics, open weave fabrics, felt. But also crazy ones such as burlap, paper, tissue paper and so on. Our embroidery threads are made of cotton, silk, Rayon, wool, metallics, linen, paper, metal. Are thick, thin, strandable, twisted, untwisted. Anything will work! We also want to show the diversity of the craft of Needlework, which consists of very many fundamentally different techniques. The diversity of these techniques and the materials available today brings vibrancy to any project.

Every stitch from the past is also a path to the future. A path to deceleration, to aesthetics, to artistic diversity. Things that have often disappeared from our thinking today . If everyone works just one stitch, we can create a bond out of it that connects people and brings us all a little closer together again.

Who can participate?

  • Everyone who enjoys redesigning something old or learning something new
  • Curious people who come to the Textil Labor in Brilon or Medebach
  • All those who have read it somewhere and would like to participate
  • All those we would like to draw attention to the project and contribute to our embroidery stitch documentation

The project is carried out by the German Embroiderers Guild in cooperation with the
International School for Textile Arts
Participants will beinstructed at local meetings continuously from spring 2023 until ??? to executeone stitch at a time on an 8x8cmarea and serge the reverse side with a fabric or felt.

Meetings are held at the House of Textile Arts Medebach (Stitch Ups), at the Museum KuMa in Medebach-Ober-Schledorn, at meetings at the workshop FreiRaum in Brilon or at the Museum Haus Hövener in Brilon, at events organized by the German Embroiderers Guild.

We provide graphics for participants who are unable to attend on-site.

We try to achieve that each stitch is performed only once. The stitches are
listed beforehand, the participants can then decide for themselves,
which stitch they want to work and get help in choosing the material and the
Execution of the stitches.

The finished ribbon will be exhibited at various textile events.

There are no costs for the participants.