Silke (DE)

Silke (DE)

Graduate Master Needle Artisan (correspondence course)
International School for Textile Arts

Silke learned embroidery from scratch in the Master Needle Artisan correspondence course for 4 years. As a textile designer, she was of course a bit “biased”, but she always assured us that she learned an incredible amount during the training.

We agree, it’s great to see her beautiful work. Even the simplest sampler becomes a small work of art.

Have fun watching!

Exercises for the first project: Canvaswork

and here I am: Mister Fish

Exercises for the second project: counted thread work

Pulled and Drawn Thread work, Blackwork – beautiful sample pieces that inspire with their variety.

In the 2nd lesson there was a lot to tease, 3 small preliminary projects had to be worked on: Assisi, Colbert embroidery and a composition of these techniques in combination with cross stitch. There are also exercises in blackwork.

and fish again ... this time in a double pack and filigree

let's go to the third lesson: surface embroidery

So many stitches, so many threads, so many options – which is the best, where to start – the decision is almost impossible!

First the linear stitches...
...then the single stitches...
...last but not least...
...combine to a sampler of the extra class!

Here we are again - this time we're swimming around single again!

Only now will it be known...

Whitework is tradition pure – but does that mean it has to be boring? Certainly not!

Richelieu, raised work, satin stitch embroidery, trapunto, boutis - almost unlimited possibilities.
ISTA SGM Whitework Project Front
It's also delicious!

... then golden ...

... and now up!

Stumpwork and ribbon embroidery are as fun as they were hundreds of years ago. Only the motives are a bit different. As usual, there are a few exercises on both topics.

And here the sampler as a whole - A flower meadow
ISTA SGM SR 3D Motif SilkRibbon Stumpwork

Stumpwork in the project: Flower Fairy
Forget-me-not for a bridal bag

ISTA SGM Stumpwork Flower Fairy

And finally the really big challenge: shading

Let's start with canvas shading, sometimes called tapestry or gobelin embroidery
a small work in shaded blackwork
and a few exercises in the supreme discipline: soft and tapestry shading
and my little thesis "Bananas"