Overnight Accommodation

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Hotel Trolls Brauhaus
Oberstrasse 37, 59964 Medebach


Distance to ISTA: approx. 500m

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Pension Haus Sonneneck
Glindfelder Weg 11, 59964 Medebach

02982 9303341

Distance to ISTA: approx. 1000m

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For more accommodation options and holiday apartments:

Tourist information
Marktplatz 1, 59964 Medebach

02982 921 86 10

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Cottages / apartments / hotel rooms

Center Park Hochsauerland
Sonnenallee 1, 59964 Medebach

0211 6503 1414

Distance to ISTA: approx. 1000m

Alternative accommodation for those arriving by car is available in the following localities

Medelon (5km)

Küstelberg (6km)

Please inquire at the Tourist Info in Medebach.

The physical well-being

You don’t have to worry about your physical well-being in Medebach! Please note: not all places accept debit/credit cards. The distances to ISTA are never more than 1000m

Following its image of the “Tuscany of the Sauerland” there are several Italian restaurants with a delicious selection. .

Pizzeria La Piccola
Oberstrasse 47, 59964 Medebach

02982 1284

Always reserve a table!

Pizzeria Da Luca
Oberstrasse 29, 59964 Medebach

02982 9219923

Always reserve a table!

Marktplatz 5, 59964 Medebach

02982 2881021

German and Dutch specialties are available here

Troll’s Brewhouse

Contact see hotels

House Sonneneck

Contact see hotels

Delicious doner kebabs and everything that goes with them are of course also available!

M&C Grill
Schulstrasse 5, 59964 Medebach

02982 1772

Mega Döner
Oberstrasse 13, 59964 Medebach

02982 9307844

Last but definitely not the least…

The absolute Medebach snack bar institution ” Winnie’s Treff” ! Unfortunately not open on weekends, but the best address for a quick meal on the other days! And the distance to us is only about 300m…