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Fascination of hand stitching

We love embroidery! And we let this beautiful craft live on. So passing on our knowledge is the most important thing for us.

Our students come from all over the world. Whether you want to learn from home or prefer to learn in a face-to-face workshop in our well-equipped studio. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Well-founded expertise and many ideas are our strength.

Each embroidery technique has its own rules. Cotton thread becomes an expression of the most varied structures, silk a shiny focal point, wool a fluffy reminder of childhood. Fly stitch, multiplaid herringbone and stem stitch make a date with cross stitch and drawn threads. Even-weave linen fabric with solid cotton fabric. Finally, they dance together in a fast-paced waltz that unites all the pieces into one work of art.

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Success is not final,
Failure is not fatal!
It's the courage to continue, that counts!

Winston Churchill

Modern needlework is always a combination of traditional, perfectly mastered technique and modern variations. We do not promise you that you will learn to stitch professionally in a few weeks. Our goal is to show you textile design, especially needlework so that you know exactly why and how what is worked. This is the basis for unique designs and excellent workmanship. For this reason we are not primarily concerned with finished objects, but with technique. The seminars come alive through the diversity of Painters Threads.

For us, needlework is a way of expression, not necessarily something that MUST be fashioned into something practical. For us, the now somewhat hackneyed phrase is true: "the journey is the reward". Once a project is finished, it is not so bad if it is "just" stored away in the drawer. The next project is already waiting...